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An Overview

C harleans - we are the products of a great institution in the city of Osogbo. We are the former students of St Charles Grammar School, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. This website has recently (March-2019) been revamped to showcase our content in a more modern and modular structure - utilising the latest in WC3,CSS3 and ECMAScript (javascript) specifications. Suffice to say the user interface is cleaned and uncluttered enabling you the client to navigate and consume the content with minimal fuss irrespective of your device type - Tv, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This paradigm is often referred to as Responsive Web Design - that enables consistent veiwing experience on all devices. And it goes without saying that this endeavour is a task that is very consuming in time, effort and expertise respectively.

We have a solid structure laid down in a constitution of the association. We are one unique body albeit in segments as Chapters, Branches, Stanzas and Areas, all under the unified umbrella of the Central Executive Council (CEC) that works with the CCWC (Charleans Central Working Committee) and under one President. Our mission is to promote efforts to reunite Charleans of all sets domiciled abroad and back home - in other words WORLDWIDE. In response to the causes and effects of social mobility and civil indices, we came to the conclusion that in our efforts to fraternize, the web is the best medium to facilitate this objective - a paradigm of the "global village". We are hoping that with our latest website design, all Old Boys will be able to embrace this platform and developed a thriving online community, where information, advice and guidance can be shared, harnessed and cultivated, to serve not only our members, but the alma mater, friends, partners and others who have similar interests.

We hold in constant view a community that is rich in network of professionals from various ethical backgrounds and careers, from all corners of the World. This medium shall be a hub for all Old Boys to network, re-establish old and new contacts, discuss ideas, share knowledge, experience and skills that MUST be beneficial to all. Our distinguished and accomplished leaders and all Old Boys will support, sponsor and finance academic works in the alma mater so to create a conducive environment for all current students whom we are trusting as leaders of tomorrow, to make the school a leader in research works, studies and modelling in the realms of molecular, subatomic, nanotechnology, micro and modern researches in fields such as engineering, medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, economics, financial, governance, etc, as long as they will benefit our survival and continuation of life, qualitatively and quantitatively.

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Mission & Values

Perhaps, humanitarian concepts, business ideologists, wealth-creators and astute political "prima donnas" of Charleans roots will tap into this platform to broaden scopes and keep fingers on the pulse. Our collective and individual talents will be promoted; our joint ownership of stakes in St Charles shall be celebrated even as we unlock the doors of opportunities to our succeeding generations. Being pragmatic and enduring, one of the main themes the old boys have developed over the years is the ability to discuss political gerrymandering in Nigeria. It is difficult to talk politics without touching the sensibilities of resulting anxieties and anger arising from broadband of failed policies with resultant impacts on social and moral fabrics of our society; the implications of government politicking, especially, when expenditures on bureaucracy, austerity and indebted policies is neither lifting people out of poverty nor reducing our day-to-day dependence on borrowing with its attendant unintended consequences. We shall manage all discuss with utmost maturity and decorum; infact and indeed, with our inane nature – Humilitas.

This mantra is our guiding principle in encouraging the full participation of all Charleans of all graduate year to contribute into our pool of political discusses, light hearted jokes, banters and evocative memories of those beautiful days at Ogba Aguda, that will become our blogging hub to digress and exchange ideas.

The membership fee has not changed, depending on where individual Charleans is domiciled. However, we shall welcome your goodwill donations from time to time, to sponsor projects in the school and also to keep this digital resource running. We will deploy this information platform to promote our cause and challenge instances when our hopes and dreams are being maligned

To be a foremost Alumni group, supporting the governing authority of our Alma Mater in the provision of quality secondary school education and support of lifelong well-being of every Charlean.

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