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Sudan conflict: Living in Cairo, longing for Omdurman
The BBC's Mohamed Osman writes about his emotional return after war forced him to flee.

Six dead and 15 trapped in Zimbabwe gold mine collapse
Rescue efforts are under way to reach those who became trapped when a shaft at a gold mine collapsed.

Marathon record breaker Tigst Assefa, her coach and experts on historic run
After smashing the world record in Berlin, Ethiopia's Tigst Assefa, her coach and marathon experts answer three key questions on the evolution of the event.

Pastor Daniel: Claims that a Christian preacher has the power to tame lions are false
The viral video has spread to many countries in Africa, but does not show a church pastor taming lions.

Victor Osimhen and Napoli: 'The love for him is fake in Italy'
Napoli said they "never meant to offend or mock" Victor Osimhen in a social media post but stopped short of publicly apologising to him.

Niger attack: Soldiers killed by hundreds of jihadists in Kandadji
Jihadist attacks have intensified across Niger since the military seized power in July.

Eswatini election: The vote in a kingdom where parties are banned
Voting is under way in Eswatini, but in Africa's last absolute monarchy, MPs have little power.

Haiti crisis: Can Kenyan police officers defeat the gangs?
The East African nation has pledged 1,000 officers but many question their suitability.

'France takes us for idiots' - Inside coup-hit Niger
The BBC gains access to the West African country which is among the world's most deadly for jihadist attacks.

Morocco earthquake: Sisters' nightmares and a plea for lipstick
Two sisters tell the BBC how the earthquake in Morocco has left them traumatised and anxious.

Despite risks fish farms are booming in Africa
Farming fish has seen rapid growth in Africa but it can be an expensive, high-risk operation.

Guinean cycles across six countries for spot at Egypt's Al-Azhar University
The 25-year-old travelled for four months from Guinea to reach top university Al-Azhar in Egypt.

Quobna Cugoano: London church honours Ghanaian-born freed slave and abolitionist
Quobna Cugoano was captured by slavers aged 13 but later played a big part in the UK abolition movement.

Inside South Africa's Operation Dudula: 'Why we hate foreigners'
BBC Africa Eye gains rare access to Operation Dudula, South Africa's prominent anti-migrant movement.

Migrants celebrate and dance after being rescued
Male migrants from Syria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Egypt danced after being rescued off the coast of Libya.

South Africa floods: Watch the aftermath of deadly floods in Western Cape
At least 11 people killed after flooding in South Africa's Africa's Western Cape province, including Cape Town.

Kenya promises to end gang warfare and restore peace in Haiti
The Kenyan government has offered 1000 police officers to lead a multinational force to Haiti to tackle the ongoing gang warfare.

MohBad: How the death of an Afrobeats star sparked protests in Nigeria
The death of popular 27-year-old singer MohBad has sparked protests in Nigeria.

Westgate mall shooting: Why do Kenya's Muslims feel targeted?
Ever since al-Shabab attacked the Westgate shopping mall, Kenya's Somali community has felt targeted by security forces.

Westgate attack: Kenyan survivors recount 10 years of pain
Ten years since the Westgate shopping mall attack remember the day when at least 67 people were killed.

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