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Somalia drought: Are US terror laws hampering aid effort?
Aid groups say they cannot get crucial supplies to those who need it most due to US sanctions.

"It put my life in great jeopardy" - the Tanzanian tackling a taboo
Magdalena Moshi, Tanzania's first Olympic swimmer, calls for an end to the culture-induced silence around reproductive health issues in her country.

Women's Basketball World Cup: Fiba launch investigation after fight breaks out among Mali players
Two of Mali's team at the Women's Basketball World Cup react to their elimination by fighting one another in front of the world's media.

Uganda's Ebola outbreak: Trainee doctors go on strike over safety fears
Trainee nurses, pharmacists and doctors at a Ugandan hospital fear their lives are being put at risk.

Kenya Kiambu building collapse: Rescue efforts under way
Emergency workers pull a child from the rubble in Kiambu county but at least six people have died.

'Africa's Titanic': Remembering Senegal's Joola tragedy
The capsizing of the Joola, a government-owned Senegalese ferry, took more lives than the infamous Titanic.

Nigeria's Biyi Bandele: A storyteller to his bones
Biyi Bandele, whose film has premiered after his death, was a huge figure in British and Africa writing.

Afrobeats: Chart show host celebrates 'beautiful year' for genre
Radio host Eddie Kadi says stars like Burna Boy have propelled the genre into the mainstream.

A Ghanaian view of the Queen's funeral: 'They march, we dance'
Ghanaians pride themselves on being world leaders in funerals, so how was the Queen's funeral seen there?

The fake sex chats fuelled by an elaborate scam
The erotic messages supposedly sent from women on some adult websites are often actually from men.

Nigeria Boko Haram crisis: The women walking miles to save their children's lives
Thousands of Nigerian children could starve following an Islamist insurgency, aid workers warn.

Uganda's transplant revolution brings hope to thousands
Until now, anyone needing an organ transplant in Uganda had to travel abroad at huge expense.

Queen Elizabeth's death leads to renewed African calls for apologies
Young people tell the BBC they want an apology from the British Royal Family for colonisation.

Queen Elizabeth's death stirs South Africa's colonial memories
While some mourn the monarch many in South Africa see her as a symbol of colonial exploitation.

How Khruangbin updated the music of Mali's maestro Ali Farka Touré
How Texan funk band Khruangbin ended up working with the son of Malian music legend Ali Farka Touré.

Mr JazziQ: I didn’t choose amapiano, amapiano chose me
The South African musician talks about the development of the genre and his own music.

Africa Eye: One man's search for a new life in Europe
Africa Eye investigates the struggles facing illegal migrants between Nigeria and Europe.

Zambia President Hichilema on IMF and repealing the insult law
Zambia's President Hichilema has pledged to repeal the colonial era insult law often used to silence critics.

The Ugandan women turning elephant dung to household items
A group of widows from Uganda's Bushenyi district are finding good use for the elephant dung they collect.

Disabled Nigerian vlogger 'I'm destined for something great'
Ahmed Salami posts daily vlogs about living with autism, cerebral palsy and ADHD.

Malawi's President Chakwera on Queen Elizabeth II
Malawi's President Lazarus Chakwera has spoken to the BBC's Anne Soy on the impact Queen Elizabeth II had on Africa.

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