International News - An African Perspective

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Africa's week in pictures: 18 - 24 September 2020
A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond.

Coronavirus corruption in Kenya: Officials and businesspeople targeted
Millions of dollars meant for buying Covid-19 medical supplies are alleged to have been misused.

Covid-19 in Kenya: Unemployed and taking care of my ailing mother
Sam is unemployed as a result of the pandemic and has dedicated himself to taking care of his ailing mother.

Senegal's Mendy: From being jobless to joining Chelsea
The story of how Senegal's Edouard Mendy has gone from being unemployed to signing for Chelsea.

Chelsea's Christian Pulisic praises bravery of Libyan fan
A young Libyan Chelsea fan who almost lost his life to save a man from drowning is surprised with a message from Christian Pulisic.

Rwandan genocide orphan's 'miracle' WhatsApp reunion
Grace Umutoni grew up not knowing her birth name, only that her parents had been killed in the Rwandan genocide.

The Ugandan man adopting children in the US
How one man went from being a “street kid” in Uganda, to adopting a white child in the US.

Coronavirus in South Africa: Relief, pride and the 'new normal'
As the "worst phase of the epidemic" is overcome, experts delve into the data to learn more about Covid-19.

Coronavirus in Kenya: From salon to sewer worker
Some of those who lost their jobs amid the pandemic are being paid to clean up their neighbourhoods.

Mozambique: Why did these men shoot a naked woman dead?
The BBC and human rights researchers examined a video of a killing in northern Mozambique.

Lagos Inferno: What caused the blast that destroyed a Nigerian girls' school
An explosion in Lagos, Nigeria killed 23 people and destroys a girls’ boarding school. But what caused it?

Zimbabwe: Africa’s first mine where workforce is made up entirely of women
Zimbaqua mine is the first mine in Africa where the workforce is made up entirely of women.

Kenya: Tackling teen pregnancies through sex education
Lily is bringing sex education to remote areas in Kenya in her fight to end teen pregnancies.

To code-switch or not to code-switch?
Many black people feel that they have to code-switch when entering white majority spaces.

LGBT in Africa: 'Persecution at home made me an immigrant'
Faced with persecution, LGBT members in Africa are often left with no choice but to seek asylum in other countries.

Coronavirus in Africa: Explaining the bogus 'viral blockers' worn by some politicians
BBC Africa explains the facts behind 'protective badges' that some politicians have been wearing.

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