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Shopping with cash rises for first time in a decade
People are using notes and coins as a way of budgeting while prices rise, says the British Retail Consortium.

McDonald’s unveils US CosMc's trial and global expansion
The fast-food giant pilots CosMc's and plans to open about 10,000 McDonald's globally by 2027.

Anger as Nationwide orders workers back to office
Nationwide - which has its HQ in Swindon - tells staff to work in offices at least two days a week.

Lego Fortnite: Gaming giant launches Minecraft rival
The new co-operative survival game mode sees players crafting items with Lego bricks.

House prices rise again as mortgage rates ease
Prices rose 0.5% last month, Halifax says, and there are signs activity in the market is picking up.

ChatGPT tool could be abused by scammers and hackers
A cutting-edge tool from Open AI appears to be poorly moderated, allowing it to be abused by cyber-criminals.

Jacob Rees-Mogg's investment management firm to close
The fund manager co-founded by the MP is winding down after reports it had lost its largest client.

Train strikes: When are the walkouts in December?
CrossCountry and GWR are affected by the walkouts by members of train drivers' union Aslef.

South East Water pays £2.3m dividend amid watchdog probe
Ofwat is investigating South East Water over service to customers and record in maintaining supply.

Tobacco giant sees sunset for US cigarette business
British American Tobacco said it could no longer value the business as if it had an infinite life.

Meta is child abuse 'breeding ground', lawsuit claims
Facebook and Instagram are rife with child abuse, the New Mexico attorney general alleges.

AOG Technics: UK fraud body makes arrest in aircraft parts probe
It has launched a criminal investigation into alleged fraud at aircraft parts supplier AOG Technics.

EU to delay tariffs on UK electric cars until 2027
It comes after EU and UK carmakers said they were not ready for the change in post-Brexit trade rules.

Mortgage problems ease but many face ‘price shock’
The Bank of England says fewer households will struggle to keep up with mortgage payments than previously thought.

Travel giant considers leaving London Stock Exchange
If Tui de-lists its shares it would be another blow to the UK's ability to attract big business.

Claims traders profited from attack inaccurate, says Israel
There is no evidence investors profited from inside knowledge of Hamas's attack on Israel, authorities say.

Airline adverts banned over 'greenwashing' claims
The ASA said Air France, Lufthansa and Etihad had misled customers over their environment impact

Homeserve founder: 'This earring helped me build my £4bn business'
Richard Harpin, co-founder of Homeserve, explains how an earring taught him an early business lesson.

What do employers expect staff to know about AI?
More and more jobs require employees to work with generative AI - but what does that mean?

Forest City: Inside Malaysia's Chinese-built 'ghost city'
Built during the Chinese property boom, Forest City is a stark reminder of the crisis in the sector. users angry at firm's response to hacks
Customers say they have been failed and feel let down after losing hundreds of pounds to fraudsters.

Bankruptcy 'opportunity' after US student loan crisis
Changes in the US are enticing more people to file bankruptcy to clear their student loans.

How weather apps are trying to be more accurate
Forecasters are continuing to offer more real-time updates and personalised recommendations.

Why food discount stickers may be a thing of the past
Supermarkets and other retailers are increasing switching to AI-powered digital price displays.

Alistair Darling: Steady hand in an economic crisis
Former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling, who has died at the age of 70, found himself at the centre of the 2008 global financial crisis.

'Covid and criminals ruined my Airbnb for cars idea'
A UK entrepreneur explains why his idea to build a car-sharing network like Airbnb didn't work out.

The T-shirt chewing enzyme ready to tackle plastic waste
A French start-up is ready to use an enzyme which can break down plastic on an industrial scale.

The job-sharing apps that feel like online dating
New website platforms are working like matchmakers to connect potential job sharers.

Slick videos or more 'authentic' content? The Israel-Gaza battles raging on TikTok and X
Pro-Palestinian TikTok posts gain traction with Gen Z, while slicker Israeli content is popular on X.

The electronic noses designed to prevent food poisoning
Tech firms have developed AI-powered sensors that can detect bacteria in food.

Omegle: ‘How I got the dangerous chat site closed down’
"Alice" speaks exclusively to the BBC after her successful lawsuit against Omegle forced it offline.

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