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British Airways' big sell-off: Champagne flutes and trolleys
The airline is selling thousands of items, including memorabilia from its retired 747 aircraft.

Rishi Sunak says Spending Review will not spell austerity
The chancellor says he will uphold pre-Covid funding pledges on police, nurses and schools.

How will the Spending Review affect you?
The chancellor will announce his public service spending plans in uniquely difficult circumstances.

Covid-19: China pushes for QR code based global travel system
QR codes - bar codes that can be read by mobile phones - have been used in China during the pandemic.

Fur industry faces uncertain future due to Covid
Denmark's mass mink cull after a coronavirus outbreak at farms leaves the industry in the spotlight.

Covid-19 pandemic: Merkel 'worried' about vaccines for poor countries
The German leader voices concern after top economic powers promise a fair distribution of vaccines.

Scotland's national investment bank launches
A laser technology firm in Glasgow receives the first backing from the bank which aims to encourage sustainable innovation.

Coronavirus: NI ministers agree lockdown financial support
The multi-million pound package will include a high street voucher plan and funds for drink-only pubs.

Covid: A fifth of disabled people have work requests refused
One in five disabled people say they have to choose between staying safe or keeping their jobs under current furlough rules.

Kellogg's and Britvic attack plan to ban junk food ads online
Firms including Kellogg's and Britvic say the plan to tackle childhood obesity is "disproportionate".

Four reasons Topshop is not the brand it once was
The chain's parent company is understood to be seeking emergency funding after being hit hard by coronavirus lockdowns.

'Thanksgiving To Go': Americans splash out on takeaways
Restaurants across the US are drawing in customers with their Thanksgiving takeaway menus this year.

Coronavirus: £3bn for NHS but Sunak warns of 'economic shock' to come
Borrowing - which hit a record £22.3bn in October - cannot go on indefinitely, chancellor says.

Smaller turkeys on the menu this Christmas
Fearful that lockdown will extend until Christmas, households have been ordering smaller turkeys.

Carnival Cruise boss banks on safety measures
The hugely profitable business has been brought to its knees by coronavirus.

Christmas tree sales to go ahead despite lockdown
Tree farms and sellers can open from Saturday, even as other non-essential retail remains closed in England.

Households face £21 rise in energy bills in 2021
Ofgem is considering the rise to help energy firms which have been hit by a jump in unpaid bills.

Sunak faces backlash over public sector pay freeze
Chancellor Rishi Sunak is trying to bolster public finances after huge spending to fight coronavirus.

'I was embarrassed to tell friends about my business'
Tech entrepreneur Adnan Ebrahim says he was "embarrassed" to talk about his online business.

'I was a stage manager and now I'm a bike mechanic'
Laura Wilson from west London takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid: Can we rescue the office Christmas party this year?
Some companies are finding ingenious ways of getting into the Christmas spirit against the odds.

Wands revive memories of the smart home dream
Lights, heating and fridges were all supposed to be internet connected, but it never really happened. Why?

Have female CEOs coped better with Covid than men?
Have female bosses coped with the pandemic better than their male counterparts?

CEO Secrets: 'Ask your investors for a yes or no'
Ryan Edwards, creator of Audoo, a system that logs songs played in public, gives his business advice.

Entertainers find new ways to pay the bills
With live venues closed and much filming on hold, celebrities are finding new ways to entertain.

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