HUMILITAS - AlwaysFrequently Asked Question

Our main objectives is to look after all Charleans - body, mind and soul. Encapsulated in the aforemented statement is HUMILITY. A virtue inculcated at St.Charles. We have a solid structure laid down in a constitution of the association. We are one unique body albeit in segments as Chapters, Branches, Stanzas and Areas. All under the unified umbrella of the Central Executive Council (CEC) that works with the CCWC (Charleans Central Working Committee) and under one President.

You are a Charlean by virtue of your enrolment and academic tutelage received at St. Charles. If you ever had your name on register as a student of the school, even if you did not complete the 5 / 6 years stay in the school, you are a bonafide Charlean. Please download and read our constitution for clarity that may not be here.

Yes. But we do have provisions for memberships by virtue of marriage, affiliation or relationship.

There is no better way to help humanity than through giving. We therefore welcome anyone, with genuine intentions, to help lift the school or finance a particular project, to donate to the Charleans purse. We do not condone nor accept illegal monies, neither do we hope to be an avenue to launder such.

Yes, we do have a registration form which is currently being updated. However, if you can not wait, just go to the contact page and fill in the form. Make sure you say a bit about your-self (graduation year) and what you currently do and where you reside respectively. These will give us the basics to set you up.

There is a database of Charleans on this website. Click the Stanza link on the main menu bar to navigate to the Stanzas. The database is being continuously updated. So, if your year of graduation is no there yet, please check from time to time.

You can contact us by sending your queries to the dedicated email address: we will respond to you at the earliest possible time. Our web admin who does this purely on a voluntary basis, make sure all things Charleans related is looked after with care and Humility. Please do understand that he may not be able to reply to your queries immediately. t

Different meetings are organised at Stanzas levels, Chapters level and areas level. However, the Old Boys comes together once every 2 years to elect new officials for the running of the affairs of the Old Boys. This is our Bi – Annual Convention.

We always perform at our best when we work together

Our mission is to provide the means & technical know-how to accomplish the aforementioned with HUMILITAS - always