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  • Name: David Adewumi
  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Current Location: London - UK
  • Expertise: Information Technology
  • Profession: Engineer

Profile Overview

  • Debo was admitted to St Charles Grammar school Osogbo in 1982. He spent 5 years in the school and left with his GCSE certificate in 1987. He would go to the university where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He would acquire work experiences in Jos and Lagos (Nigeria) before relocating to the UK in 2002 where he would be active in social, politics and academia.

    An Alumnus of King's College London, he has progressively worked his way up a fulfilling career in both public and private sector of the UK economy. He is an engineering ambassador at Transport for London and consults for a Royal Borough in London.

    He is actively involved in local politics and an ardent observer of geo-politics. Debo sits in the cabinet of NICOWF (Nigerian Community In Waltham Forest) as the secretary, the latter, is a broad church organization made up of Nigerians who dwell in the borough. They liaise between local and governmental departments to bring disparate communities together.

    As a patriotic Nigerian, he constantly craves for avenues to orchestrate Nigeria positively. At leisure, he travels wide, plays lawn tennis and supports Arsenal Football Club, which, is still the best in the city ....arguably

  • Contact Info

    •  Mobile Phone: +44 0741 666 8303
    •  Email:
    •  Current Location: London

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