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  • Name: Debo Adewumi
  • Position: Web Administrator
  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Current Location: London - UK

  • Name: Toyin Ajayi
  • Position: CEC - Publicity Secretary
  • Graduation Year: 1978
  • Current Location: Lagos - Nigeria

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    (SD SUNAI)
    Congratulations to  Charlean Sunday Dumbili of Stanza 789 & SCOBA UK as he clocks 61 today. He is a very active member of Stanza 789, financially and socially. His membership at SCOBA UK is not any different. 
    A jolly good fellow, you can't but feel Sunai daily, at least on Stanza 789 WhatsApp platform which he sets agog with his presence and inputs (call him a trouble maker or shooter, you may not be wrong).
    The impact of the foreign shoemaking giant of the 60s, 70s and 80s, BATA, on the Nigerian society/people was not lost on the members of Stanza 789 as his late devout Catholic dad (who regularly visited Sunny in school then) was a Senior Management Staff of the company.
    We hear Sunny is set to return to Nigeria after a fairly long 30-year sojourn in the United Kingdom, Ikorodu being a choice settlement for him....thanks to the positive influence of a 'John the Baptist' in that town, Charlean Segun Ige, Stanza 789 Vice Chair.
    Sunai is a lover of football. He played 'LEGBEGBE football at St. Charles'. He is today a strong supporter of Manchester United Football Club. A devout Catholic, Charlean Dumbili is happily married and blessed with children, one of them a top-notch Broadcast Journalist. SCOBA CEC rejoices with Charlean Sunday Dumbili on his birthday and welcomes this former Staff of First Bank Nigeria Plc back home to the hard task of nation building. 
    Happy 61st birthday, Charlean Sunday Dumbili!
    Humility! Humilitas!!
    Pius Adesakin
    Publicity Secretary

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