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  • Name: Debo Adewumi
  • Position: Web Administrator
  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Current Location: London - UK

  • Name: Pius Adesakin
  • Position: CEC - Publicity Secretary
  • Graduation Year: 1978
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Picture Description - Context

    It is the turn of Charlean (Pa) Lawrence Ajisegiri to be celebrated today 5th September, 2020 in line with the SCOBA CEC ground breaking programme to rejoice with the *committed* elders who are Septuagenarian/Octogenarian in the Charlean family.
    Pa Lawrence Ajisegiri who marked 80th birthday anniversary recently was the 1st senior perfect and the oldest Charlean in record. 
    Together with 1st Vice President who led the delegates to the cradle of Yorubaland - Ile Ife include
    1. Engr. Ademola Fatola (2nd Vice President)
    2. Hon. Femi Olawale ( Immediate past chairman, Home-Branch.
    3. Charlean Abiodun Fashina ( CEC Auditor)
    4. Charlean Pascal Ajayi
    5. Charlean Waheed Salami.
    6. Charlean Kehinde Aderibigbe
    7. Charlean Wasiu Bello
    8. Charlean Adebiyi Rabb
    9. Charlean Nicholas Eluyode.
    10. Charlean Adebukola Adedeji
    Please stay tuned as the live event roll into the platform.
     *Humiliti*!  *Humilitas* !!
    Wasiu Bello,
    Admin Secretary
    "......a question often asked 
    What is in a name 
    The beauty you will find when you decipher names in Yorubaland.
    Help me if you can 
    Literally and to my understanding 
    Early riser, Smart and Intelligent 
        A J I S E G I R I
    Your picture and video clip says it all.
    How indeed I found the meaning of God’s grace in you.
    Your good look, smartness, memory and radiance at 80 is what many are praying and longing for 
    How much I do desire too 
    Banking on faith, trust and covenant with the Chief Potter.
    Papa Lawrence Ajisegiri, how joyful celebrating with you on your 80th birthday.
    Physically we are miles away from you. Spirit and Soul, we cling glasses toasting to your good health and singing songs of praise.
    Congratulations Sir"

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    •  Taken Location: Ile Ife

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