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TB Joshua: YouTube blocks Nigerian preacher over gay cure claim
TB Joshua is one of Africa's most influential evangelists, with top politicians among his followers.

Why IS involvement in Mozambique is exaggerated
The militants claiming of a recent attack got publicity but they may not have actually been behind it.

F1 in Africa: The fast and the fragile
The story of the first South African Grand Prix, and the nail-biting title showdown between Graham Hill and Jim Clark.

Tokyo 2020: Africa's Olympic climbing hopefuls aim to inspire the next generation
With 100 days to go until Tokyo 2020 Africa's Olympic climbers are optimistic The Games can boost their sport on the continent.

The coastal town tackling Tunisia's football boss
Tunisia football boss Wadie Jary has knowingly misled sport's highest legal body, suspended club Chebba FC complains.

Ghana's farmers eye sweet success from chocolate
Ghana is the world's second largest cocoa producer but sees little of the profits from chocolate - for now.

South African artists struggle with Covid theatre closures
The permanent closure of a top venue symbolises the struggle many performers are facing.

Letter from Africa: Kenyans protest over growing debt
Kenyans urge potential lenders to stop giving the government money over fears of growing debt.

Senegal: The HIV success story that’s failing gay men
Senegal has successfully reduced HIV but infection remains high among gay men.

Nigeria kidnappings: 'I'm afraid to return to school'
Hundreds of students have been abducted in northern Nigeria, leading many schools to close.

South African singer Busiswa Gqulu aims to empower women with her music
South Africa's Busiswa Gqulu is using her songs and poetry to overcome gender barriers in the music industry.

Saving the kelp forest that stars in My Octopus Teacher
The makers of the Bafta-winning documentary want to preserve the underwater ecosystem it features.

Antiretrovirals: Plight of HIV patients over ARV drug shortage in Kenya
A tax dispute has led to a shortage of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs and HIV testing kits in Kenya.

SGBV in Africa: What is victim blaming and why does it persist?
Victim blaming continues to trap survivors of sexual and gender based violence in a cycle of trauma.

Nigeria: A fashion designer's challenge to wear an Ankara gown on her wedding day.
In a bid to represent African culture, Chioma Inyang set out to wear an Ankara-styled gown on her wedding day.

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