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Seychelles blast site like a war zone, says President Ramkalawan
People have been ordered to stay home after a blast in an industrial zone causes major destruction.

Kenya follows Malawi in sending farm workers to Israel amid Hamas war
Kenya follows Malawi in sending casual farm workers to fill a labour shortage on Israel's farms.

Kendrick Lamar thrills fans with Rwanda concert
The concert is part of a planned touring series curated by the rapper that will expand across Africa.

Tanzanians wonder where Vice-President Philip Mpango has gone
Philip Mpango has not been seen in public since late October, sparking rumours about his health.

Ethiopia’s Tigray war: Athlete deaths among devastating impact on sport
Tigray's state athletics federation tells the BBC that 76 athletes were killed during the bloody conflict in the Ethiopian region.

Outed on TikTok in Ethiopia: 'How a dance nearly cost me my life'
A clip of two men dancing unleashes a torrent of homophobic hatred in Ethiopia.

Nigeria airstrike 'mistakenly' kills worshippers at religious festival
The army was targeting "terrorists" when civilians were hit by accident, the state governor says.

Mauritania's ex-President Aziz jailed for five years for corruption
Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was charged alongside 10 others for various corruption-related offences.

Anger in Namibia over Dubai COP28 trip by president's children
Six members of President Hage Geingob's family, including his children, have travelled to Dubai.

HIV and forced sterilisations: How four Kenyan women found justice
Four women living with HIV who won a landmark case tell the BBC about how they were sterilised.

South Africa: The region where political violence is on the rise ahead of elections
The BBC's Fergal Keane returns ahead of elections next year - 30 years since apartheid ended.

Ethiopia pilgrims return to Aksum for festival in Ark of Covenant city
Aksum's authorities say half a million people are there for the first time since the Tigray war ended.

Child marriage: 'I was sold into marriage for £7 at the age of 12'
Tamara was married at 12 and a mother at 13 - one of millions worldwide who marry before 18.

Black Mermaid: ‘I was always the only black person on the boat’
South Africa’s first black female freediving instructor is on a mission to make access to the ocean inclusive.

Sierra Leone coup attempt: What may have sparked the violence
The authorities say Sunday's violence was an effort by some soldiers to overthrow the government.

Kenya abortion: Women go to backstreet clinics amid legal ambiguity
An estimated seven Kenyan women die a day after unsafe abortions even though they are legal in some cases.

Watch: Video shows moment of huge explosion in Seychelles
A state of emergency is declared in the country after massive blast at an industrial area.

Nelson Mandela's granddaughter slams "climate apartheid" by rich nations
Social activist Ndileka Mandela says "the global north is using economic and legal power to subjugate poor nations".

Kenya World AIDS Day: 'I was sterilised for being HIV positive'
Four Kenyans have won a legal battle against MSF, Marie Stopes International and a state-run hospital.

Sierra Leone prison breaks: Was it an attempted coup?
Armed men attacked a military barracks and a prison in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone on November 26th.

More than 600,000 displaced by floods in Somalia
The number of displaced people by the rains in Somalia has gone up by 100,000 in just one week, bringing the number to close to 650,000 people.

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