Good day all.

This is to inform us all that the SCOBA CEC, in part-pursuit of SCOBA Object of adding value to members has packaged some interesting enlightenment lecture series for the entire body of Charleans, old and young alike.

As we all know, the world we live in is changing pretty fast. The Internet age, globalization, Outsourcing, Blockchains and Artificial Intelligence are redefining what our future will look like and how things will be done.

Reality today is that post covid-19, we have to unlearn what we used to know, and re-learn things. Whoever is not ready to be repackaged in the challenging global space will soon go like dinosaurs; extinct!

This Programme is designed to bridge several gaps identified in our abilities as individuals to cope with the realities of our daily lives as well as the challenges and changes in the global economic space. It will incorporate several notable topics to be treated and facilitated by renowned and knowledgeable people in the various industries and human fields.

We shall be engaging resource persons in-house among Charleans as well as other established personalities in the various fields of human endeavour.

Due to the ravaging pandemic and the expected reach of these training sessions globally, the sessions will be held online and free for our members.

Webinar Topics, Dates, Times and Log-In Details will be announced ahead of each presentation. We are advised to please prepare ourselves and get ready, the necessary gadgets (Internet enabled smartphones or laptops) and ensure we are able to join our online platforms when we are notified of the timing of the events in this series.

We believe this will go a long way in strengthening and repositioning the Charlean family for the challenges ahead. Our total support will be needed in sponsoring the online sessions, in the area of facilitation, its recording, hosting and publishing of the recordings of the series as may be required for continued access to the body of Charleans and family members.

The CEC will be reaching out to our esteemed members as may be required.

“Extraordinary success requires extraordinarily hard work, passion and love. If you want to shine like a light, you must be prepared to burn like fire. Let the flames of your passion and love light up your inner being and the lives of those around you.” – Dr Marko Saravanja

Thanks very much.


Charlean Niyi Tinubu
General Secretary
SCOBA CEC 2018 -2020